Holiday Apartment Rental in Mallorca

  The Apartment

Privately owned
1 Bedroom with balcony
Sleeps up to 4
Quiet location
Supermarket, restaurant and bar on site
Short walk to beach and local night life

  The Resort

Many shops, restaurants and bars
Fantastic 7 miles of beach
Watersports available in season
Hidropark, Gocarts
Nature reserve close by
Historical Old Town Alcudia nearby
(Many resort activities are seasonal)


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The Red Rum British Bar and Restaurant

Red Rum
Fast becoming the most famous British Bar in the Balearics and reckoned by some to be among the top 10 best located pubs in the world...  the Red Rum at Barcares near Alcudia is the inspiration of this site’s unusual web address.  The proprietor, Elaine from Rotherham, has tutored her staff really well in English - just wait until your hear that wonderful adopted Spanish phrase  - “Chuffin’ ‘ell” - with a deep local accent!!!

The Red Rum Bar - Among the top 10 best situated pubs in the world..!!

Try and take a trip to the Red Rum when you’re in Alcudia or Pollensa.  Details on their website -

The Red Rum British Bar and Restaurant
The Red Rum Bar and Restaurant at Barcares near Alcudia

English Lessons.......

By J R Booker - A Chesterfield Lad and Spireite Supporter, Especially For Us

Signora! Signora!!
Coom kweek! Shoofinella!
Zat man over zere’
He complain about a di paella!

“Go back and tell him,
There’s nowt wrong wi’ it, and, Manuel!!
It’s not shoofinella---
It’s chuffin’ ‘ell!!

I’ve telled thee that many times,
Till am blue in face!
After all these years, thi’ English
It’s a piggin’ disgrace!

Tha mecks that many mistakes,
Enough is enough!
Sit thissen darn and I’ll teach thee’
About the word “chuff”.

A chuff is a bird,
Summat like a crow.
But this is information ,
As tha dunt need to know.

I’m chuffed -------------------- I’m happy
I’m well chuffed--------------- even happier
I’m dead chuffed---------------couldn’t be happier
Chuff off------------------------- go away - quickly
Don’t give a chuff-------------- don’t care
That’s a chuff-------------------- surprisingly bad
Chuff me ------------------------- surprisingly good
You’re a chuff ------------------- an insult
Chuffin’ cum ‘ere ,lad--------- a sexual invitation
Well, I’ll be chuffed! ----------- the subject of the sexual invitation is a puff!
Chuffin’ bog off then! --------- as before, not a sexual invitation
He’s a nice chuff! --------------- he’s not nice
Chuffin’ ‘ell --------------------- summats not quite right
Chuffin’ Chesterfield ---------- they always beat Rotherham at football

So here is a sentence to help thee understand!

Chuffin’ Chesterfields  chuffin’ beat us a “chuffin’” gen!. I’m not well chuffed!  They’re nice chuffs, they are! I wish they’d chuff off back to Derbyshire. Chuff me!  We’ve still got to chuffin’ play ‘em  at their chuffin’ ground ? Chuffin’ ‘ell!!

 So, nar as tha knows how to use it,
Tell that bloke who’s paellas a bit tough,
To shurrup and gerrit etten,---------------
Cos tha dunt gi’ a chuff!!

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